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Mathieu Jn Baptiste

August 5, 2018 Art

Mathieu Jn Baptiste – Houston, Texas Mathieu was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti and based in Houston, Texas. Mathieu spent his early years in Haiti and St Paul, Minnesota. He studied Art and Photography at Ecole Nationale des Arts (Enarts), a university in Port Au Prince, Haiti resulting in a Bachelor of Arts in Art History….

Mayor’s Office Press Release

January 22, 2018 Art

New Mini Murals By New Artists Coming to Houston Neighborhoods January 22, 2018 — The city of Houston has selected 45 new artists to greatly expand the number of those eclectic and colorful “mini-murals” on street-side traffic signal control cabinets. Look for 40 new murals to grace neighborhoods such as Central Southwest, East End, Heights,…

Connecting the Silos an Artist INC- Houston Group Showcase

November 1, 2017 Art

Connecting the Silos, is an interdisciplinary group show featuring new collaborative works by twenty-seven Houston-based visual and performing artists with disciplines ranging from music, film, dance, public art, photography, fashion, and painting. The collaborative nature of the exhibition will result in a dynamic multi-media showcase of installation and performance art. Participating artists are 2017 graduates of Fresh Arts’ Artist…

Building Stability and Prosperity in Haiti Through Justice

December 1, 2013 Art

Mathieu Jeanbaptiste is a well-known artist living in Carrefour Feuilles, Haiti. Jeanbaptiste is a member of an art collective associated with APROSIFA, an organization that works to improve the health and well-being of people in the communities of Carrefour-Feuilles and Martissant, which includes supporting the artistic endeavors of local artists. “We are united for the…

Highlights from the 2nd Annual Conference on Haitian Mental Health

May 3, 2013 Art

The 2nd Annual Conference on Haitian Mental Health was held on May 3-4, 2013 at William James College. The two-day event drew about 150 attendees from Haiti, Canada, Miami, New York, California and other cities throughout the U.S. The conference began with Welcoming Remarks from the President of the Haitian Mental Health (HMH) Network, Dr….